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83Backend / CoreBug ReportVery LowLowPolymost regression - floor aligned spritesUnconfirmed
Task Description thread

84Backend / CoreBug ReportVery LowLowvent problem when runspeed < defaultUnconfirmed
Task Description forum thread:

91Backend / CoreBug ReportVery LowLowAdding FreeBSD support Unconfirmed
Task Description

Please consider adding support for FreeBSD by updating “source/build/include/zpl.h” to the latest ZPL version (GitHub commit 26753e04e9ed08dff55a5998a085ca2996d1775f) and applying the following patch. EDuke32 then compiles on FreeBSD as well with:

$ gmake -f GNUmakefile L=/usr/local/lib/ I=/usr/local/include/ BUILD32_ON_64=1 CLANG=1
--- zpl.h	2019-11-01 05:35:57.095504000 +0100
+++ zpl_new.h	2019-11-01 05:50:39.201436000 +0100
@@ -520,10 +520,16 @@
 #include <stdlib.h> // NOTE: malloc on linux
 #include <sys/mman.h>
-#if !defined(ZPL_SYSTEM_OSX)
+#if !defined(ZPL_SYSTEM_OSX) && !defined(ZPL_SYSTEM_FREEBSD)
     #include <sys/sendfile.h>
+#if defined(ZPL_SYSTEM_FREEBSD)
+    #include <sys/types.h>
+    #include <sys/socket.h>
+    #include <sys/uio.h>
 #include <dirent.h>
 #include <sys/stat.h>
 #include <sys/time.h>
@@ -767,6 +773,11 @@
+#if defined(ZPL_SYSTEM_FREEBSD)
+    #define ZPL_EXTERN extern
+    #define zpl_inline inline
 #if !defined(zpl_no_inline)
     #if defined(_MSC_VER)
         #define zpl_no_inline __declspec(noinline)
@@ -1557,7 +1568,7 @@
     zpl_isize threads_per_core;
 } zpl_affinity;
-#elif defined(ZPL_SYSTEM_LINUX) || defined(ZPL_SYSTEM_EMSCRIPTEN)
 typedef struct zpl_affinity {
     zpl_b32   is_accurate;
@@ -6967,7 +6978,7 @@
-#if defined(ZPL_SYSTEM_LINUX)
+#if defined(ZPL_SYSTEM_LINUX) || defined(ZPL_SYSTEM_FREEBSD)
 zpl_inline zpl_f64 zpl__unix_getime(void) {
     struct timespec t;
     zpl_f64 result;
@@ -8152,7 +8163,7 @@
     return a->threads_per_core;
-#elif defined(ZPL_SYSTEM_LINUX)
+#elif defined(ZPL_SYSTEM_LINUX) || defined(ZPL_SYSTEM_FREEBSD)
 // IMPORTANT TODO: This zpl_affinity stuff for linux needs be improved a lot!
 // NOTE(zangent): I have to read /proc/cpuinfo to get the number of threads per core.
@@ -10816,7 +10827,11 @@
     struct stat stat_existing;
     fstat(existing_fd, &stat_existing);
+#if defined(ZPL_SYSTEM_FREEBSD)
+    size = sendfile(new_fd, existing_fd, 0, stat_existing.st_size, NULL, 0, 0);
     size = sendfile(new_fd, existing_fd, 0, stat_existing.st_size);
95Backend / CoreBug ReportVery LowLowSprite Ladders BrokenUnconfirmed
Task Description

Sprite ladders seem broken as of r7831 forum thread :

97Backend / CoreBug ReportVery LowLowEnvironment palette not set/restoredUnconfirmed
Task Description forum thread :

(As of now I can’t reproduce the occurrence when starting an episode’s next level after finishing the previous one under water.)

102Backend / CoreBug ReportVery LowLowBacktrace DLLs fail to build on Win10/MSYS2Unconfirmed
Task Description

“make ebacktrace” fails on current Win10/MSYS2. And the DLLs shipped with EDuke32 are more than five years old, actually.

Fix (64bit):
> pacman -S mingw-w64-x86_64-expat mingw-w64-x86_64-gettext

Working command line (64bit):
> gcc -O2 -std=gnu99 -ggdb -shared -Wall -Wextra -static-libgcc -o ebacktrace1-64.dll platform/Windows/src/backtrace.c -I/mingw64/include/binutils/ -L/mingw64/lib/binutils/ -lbfd -liberty -limagehlp -lintl
(I’m using “-Og” instead of “-O2 -std=gnu99” locally)

Fixing the make files accordingly should be easy.

103Backend / CoreBug ReportVery LowLow ALT-strafing is brokenUnconfirmed
Task Description

As of r8551, while ALT is pressed, Duke moves into the opposite direction of the used right/left arrow key. ALT-mouse strafing is still OK.

38Backend / CoreBug ReportVery LowVery LowHardcoded actor bugUnconfirmed
Task Description

Hrdcoded SLIMER actor bugged behaviour: When you shoot FREEZEBLAST at SLIMER, it freezes, but actors_killed variable increments at the same time. Thus you can increase actors_killed value by freezing/thawing SLIMER over and over.
actor.c: line 4336 should be moved after “if” statement at line 4341 (don’t increment actors_killed if slimer was freezed);
actor.c: line 4336 should be copied right after the line 4215 (increment actors_killed if frozen slimer is shattered);

42Backend / CoreBug ReportVery LowVery Low"Duke Talk" Sound block should be per-actor, not global...Unconfirmed
Task Description

Sounds with the Duke Talk bit enabled have a bit of code that blocks another Duke Talk sound from playing if any Duke Talk is already playing. This is normal, but there’s a bit of a bug/oversight with it. With the way it is now, in Multiplayer, only one player can play pain or death sounds at a time. If someone is being damaged, it’ll block other players from making noise. Same can happen in singleplayer if you have useractor that uses Duke Talk. What I suggest, is adding an additional check so it blocks on a per-actor basis, so only one sound can play per actor, and not one sound globally. This check wouldn’t apply if GlobalSound is being used, however, for obvious reasons.

75Backend / CoreBug ReportVery LowVery LowErroneous CON parser warningUnconfirmed
Task Description

A nullop in brackets may cause a “`nullop’ found without `else’” warning.
Btw, is there a reason why the citations start with ` instead of ' ?

This legit construct can be easily avoided be removing the brackets, but is surely handy during development.

Example (World Tour):

Including: EPISODE5BOSS.CON (8197 bytes)
EPISODE5BOSS.CON: In state `BOSS5code’:
EPISODE5BOSS.CON:377: warning: `nullop’ found without `else’

    ifhitweapon {
      ifwasweapon FLAMETHROWERFLAME {
      else {
        state checkBOSS5hitstate
76Backend / CoreBug ReportVery LowVery Lowmapster32.log: "Found no recognized game data!" despite...Unconfirmed
Task Description

This message shows up unconditionally as of r4557, while eduke32.log is fine.

77Backend / CoreBug ReportVery LowVery Lowmapster32.log: no longer warns about missing names.hUnconfirmed
Task Description

Message “Failed to open names.h” is lost as of r5414.

88Backend / CoreBug ReportVery LowVery Lowdistorted floor aligned sprites in Mapster32 2D viewUnconfirmed
Task Description forum thread 8241 / post #19:

101Backend / CoreBug ReportVery LowVery Lowcase mismatch warning inconsistencyUnconfirmed
Task Description

Current EDuke32 version: r8534

System: Win10 / NTFS


map file: .\E1L1.MAP
cmd line: eduke32 -map
> Using level: “/”.

map file: .\
cmd line: eduke32 -map E1L1.MAP
> warning: case mismatch: passed “E1L1.MAP”, real “” > Using level: “/E1L1.MAP”.

57Backend / CoreFeature RequestVery LowMediumIndividual Color Channel Gamma/Brightness/Contrast Sett...Unconfirmed
Task Description

So like how you have the general color settings for Brightness, Gamma and Contrast, is it possible to make these for Red, Green and Blue color channels too?

I posted a bug about my NVidia Control Panel’s settings not being recognized by EDuke32/Mapster32 unless the contrast is set to 0, but about possible idea to approach this is having Color-Channel based settings [similar to how the NVidia Control Panel does it].

Granted I don’t know how well connected with NVidia feature the engine is these days, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to ask about it. :V

87Backend / CoreFeature RequestVery LowMediumHave only one configuration file per executableUnconfirmed
Task Description

Maybe read the other format if the default is missing, but this schism really has to go.

11Backend / CoreFeature RequestVery LowLow.FBX file supportDeferred
Task Description

This is a request for the fbx model format to be supported along side md3s.

This format has way more features such as skeletal animations and is more easily created by most 3D applications.

I believe supporting a more popular file format will encourage others to contribute to projects.

44Backend / CoreFeature RequestVery LowLow"actorsound" CON functionUnconfirmed
Task Description

Right now, EDuke32 has stopactorsound, and ifactorsound, but no actorsound function. I can think of many scenarios where it would not only be nice to stop other actors from playing sounds/check if they are playing a sound, but also make other actors start playing sounds.

This could be used to make Duke Talk play from the attacking player (without the need of flimsy, ugly hacks), instead of globally. It can also be used to make an enemy that uses a psychic attack that makes the target emit a high-pitched sound before causing it to explode, scanners-style. Or, it could be used to make items that cause the player picking it up to make a sound that’s audible to other players.

46Backend / CoreFeature RequestVery LowLowRemove the Episode LimitUnconfirmed
Task Description

7 Episodes seems to be a rather arbitrary limit to the number of allowed episodes...

I suggest raising it to 255/removing the limit. Also, for the singleplayer episode select screen, just add a “next page” option, or allow the page to scroll if there’s too many episodes to fit the menu.

47Backend / CoreFeature RequestVery LowLowPROJECTILE_RIPPER flag for PROJ_WORKSLIKEUnconfirmed
Task Description

Like suggested here:

I wish for a PROJECTILE_RIPPER flag to make penetrating hitscans (like railguns) and ripping projectiles (projectiles that pass through enemies, doing damage along the way) a possibility.

48Backend / CoreFeature RequestVery LowLowplaymusic CON command. (Different than starttrack)Unconfirmed
Task Description

Requesting a playmusic function that would accept a song filename instead of a level number, avoiding the need for hackery such as changing the volume number, also to allow setting music that isn’t in normal levels. (Such as for certain scripted events)

Syntax would be as follows: playmusic MYSONG.OGG

Optimally, it should allow specifying paths, like playmusic MUSIC/MYSONG.OGG.

TCs with dynamic music like Starship Troopers could benefit from something like this.

51Backend / CoreFeature RequestVery LowLowThe ability to define/undefine adult mode tilesUnconfirmed
Task Description

From the looks of the source, this was intended to be changed at some point:

// XXX: this fucking sucks and needs to be replaced with a SFLAG
static int G_CheckAdultTile(int tileNum)

I have some x-rated tiles in my mod that I wish to define as adult mode tiles. I’m currently doing this with a hacky workaround, which only allows setting adult tiles, and not the other way around... but I’d be nice to be able to set and unset which tiles are considered “adult” natively.

Why the ability to un-set them? Well, if a mod is a completely new game with new tile arrangements, it’s pretty obvious why. Another reason, I want to be able to make Adult mode a toggle for the x-rated content, while keeping everything else intact (like gore).

65Backend / CoreFeature RequestVery LowLowMovable Level StatsUnconfirmed
Task Description

This is merely a request to make it possible to set where on the screen the Level stats appear on the screen when enabled. I ask this as certain mods with custom huds (particularly older ones) are not really compatible with the default location, and tend to cover them up or vice-versa. But instead of just moving it right or up or down and leaving it at that, I’m wondering if it’s possible to enable an option to direct where the level stats display depending on what the custom hud is.

80Backend / CoreFeature RequestVery LowLoweduke32.log: suppress CON code warnings about official ...Unconfirmed
Task Description

Current example: the two “‘else’ with no ‘if’” warnings in Atomic GAME.CON.
Better show only one message instead (FOOBAR.CON’s checksum is known):
“Note: suppressing warnings about CON code in well-known FOOBAR.CON”

If possible, the check for missing sound files in USER.CON (see FS#79) should be moved to CON compile time. Then this can be handled like above.

81Backend / CoreFeature RequestVery LowLowAdd Transfusion's art2tga to EDuke32 toolsUnconfirmed
Task Description

This little tool is really handy and GPL‘d.
I have attached an updated source code with the Duke3D palette added and set as the default, so that it works standalone without PALETTE.DAT.

85Backend / CoreFeature RequestVery LowLownew maphack tokensUnconfirmed
Task Description

These would help to make (user) maps look better HRP-wise:
- a flip token to flip highres wall textures vertically/horizontally (why not for models/voxels as well)
- a lowres token, similar to notmd, to use the ART instead of the highres tile to improve backwards compatibility to mapper’s sprite art.

98Backend / CoreFeature RequestVery LowLowobject property inheritanceUnconfirmed
Task Description

Spawned objects should inherit the maphacked properties of their parent.
( tile0009 respawn, canwithsomething[2|3|4], ... )

89Backend / CoreFeature RequestVery LowVery LowUpdated Blender md3 export script availableUnconfirmed
Task Description

eduke32/source/tools/src/ forum thread:

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